Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Singular and Extraordinary Tale of Mirror and Goliath by Ishbelle Bee

This was a fun little tale of urban dark fantasy.

What Dark Fantasy is fun?  Well, for me it is, but I like weird and strange things.  What was that, you do too?  Then, I have a story for you.

At the beginning of this story we encounter the titular characters.  Mirror, a girl found in a clock after her grandfathers murderous rampage, and Goliath, a shape-shifting cop, who was not a skin changer before meeting Mirror.  Then, we meet some more people that can only be referred to a curious.  There is Loveheart, a killer with charm, impulse control problems, and a love of cake.  The ominous and shadowy Mister Fingers, a rouges gallery of decadent miscreants, and two London police officers that are trying to solve a child killing when drawn into this world.  The characters have and otherworldly quality to them, which is fitting with this magical tale.

The plot is simple, and has a fairy tale quality to it, and that fits perfectly.  Forces are at work to catch, and devour, Mirror, who we are not surprised to find out is more then she seems.  She will not go down easily though, and she has ancient powers of her own to draw on.

This is a very quick read, being a novella in length, and I think that suits well.  Normally, when I read books like this, they weigh in at close to 800 pages (Perdido Street Station, I am looking at you.)  A lot is dedicated to world building.  This story, which is set in late 1800's london, can do away with that.  We can all picture London's gas light streets, with images of a blend of Dickens and Jack The Ripper, who also makes an appearance here.  We can get to the tale.

In summary, this short, dark tale is a treat.  It is a fun blend of historical and urban fantasy, and succeeds in keeping our interest throughout the story.  I recommend it, and will be reading other stories by Ishbelle Bee

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