Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Life Engineered by J-F Dubeau

The Life Engineered by J-F Dubeau

3 / 5

A hard science fiction tale about a Singularity event, that has all consciousness loaded into robotic life, know as Capeks.  It was a short tale, and not to deep, but entertaining.  I found it quite enjoyable.

This tale is a mystery at its heart.  Who is killing the Gaias, powerful Capeks that create the next generations after a period of spiritual purification of 'souls'? This mystery is handled well, and it kept me invested in the story. While we are on the topic of souls, mythology features strongly in this story, with references to Buddhism, the Greek, Norse, and Aztec pantheons present.  These, beyond the concept of rebirths, are just flavor and are not explored in any great depth in the story, but it was consistent and helped with atmosphere for the story.

The characters are simply, and we learn little about them.  Beyond the main character, which is dealt with on a surface level, we learn little about the other dramatic personae of this tale.  It did not detract to much form the enjoyment, but I wish we learned more about what it is like for them to life this transferred existence

This book was a good hard scifi tale of novella length.  I enjoyed the story, and I will forgive its shallowness on character development because of its novella length.  I will read more of this authors work. 

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